The story behind: polka dot

Hello world!
Today i will continue the seies of posts about histores of different things in fashion. As the next theme i chose polka dot. In my country there is no such therm, but in wide number of countries were people’s native language is english this words are commonly used. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “polka dot” as “Any of a number of round dots of uniform size repeated so as to form a regular pattern, usually on fabric”.

So why polka? This word actually means a woman from Poland. An also a dance! Really, according to the info i found the term polka dot appeared after the massive popularity of this dance. Somewhere at 1830th polka became so popular that the manufacturers began to append “polka” to lots of different and totally unrelated things in attempt to capitalize this “polka-mania”. Those things disappeared but the spotty pattern remained.

And then polka dot continued it’s walk of fame through the fashion history. Firstly the Miss America was photographed in a polka dot swimsuit in 1926, then Disney created Minny Mouse, that was wearing a polka dot dress, and finally after wartime Dior released a collection of polka dot dresses. And so on and on and on.
So hope that was interesting for you pals, and here, as always, i gathered a set of looks for you:

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Color sessions: orange

I think that orange is one of the “difficult to wear” colors. Cause it’s very bright and it takes some time to come up with some other color it will suit. Some time ago i already had posts about pink and olive. Now it’s time for orange.
I will write it once more: please do not wear orange with pink. Really. Those are not the colors that will match one another. (okay, that’s only my opinion of course).

Orange is good with white, black, blue and purple. I couldn’t find many examples of orange+purple, i apologize for that in advance!


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Everyday pin-up

Hi darlings!
I really like pin up, but for me this is not an everyday style, you have to select your outfits and care about your hairstyle and to be honest i do not always have time or will for it. So i keep it like my secret not-every-day passion)
But if we talk about everyday pinup, i really want to share with you the outfits of Dita Von Teese. Not hte ones she wears for some events or something, just something she chooses for her everyday life. I can’t say it’s always in a straight pin up style, but still she looks really in-style!

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Flower madness

Good day, everybody!

One of the trends that i catched from the runways and fashion magazines is the flower print. I can’t say it was sometime out of fashion but now it seems it will raise to the top again. Most of all i like the girlie dresses with little flowers on them. I am not a dresses-and-skirts type of girl, but this kind of clothes doesn’t really requre you to be all feminine or hot or sexy or whatever. I still can mix boots/sneakers with the floral dress and look great!


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The story behind: bomber

Okay, i desided to begin one more periodic kind of posts, that will be about the history of clothing. And i will begin with the bomber.
The bomber has a longstanding history that stretches from the middle of the 20th Century into today.
jkjpv0hps3id7fua7yftIt appeared due to the World War II, when pilots needed some outwear that had to be functional and comfortable. At first they made the A-2 jacket, that was made of leather, with a neck flap and pockets on the front.

The further the technologies went, the higher the planes could fly. The A-2 jacket already couldn’t defeat the low temperatures outside the plane and wasn’t comfortable enough, dues to the increasing number of devices inside the pilot’s cabin – it was way too big.



So the next generation of bombers was made – the B-15 ones. They are made from nylon and cotton, and have a zip pocket on the sleeve and a fur collar.




And finally, in the 1949 comes the model that is probably the closest one to the bombers we know and love – the MA-1 . The fur collar was replaced by the knit one, cause it wasn’t working good with parachute shrouds. The jacket became much more light and comfortable than it’s previous versions. Somewhere aroud sixties it got one intresting update – the manufacturers added an orange liner. This way the jacket became reversible and in case of a plane crash the bright orage color could help the rescue air forces find the pilot.

During the post war period the bomber was used in many different ways, if you are interested here’s the site i took the pictures and basic info from.

And as a little “Thank you!” to those who read this till the very end here is a set of looks with bombers))
Hope you enjoyed!

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No need for colors

Sorry guys, the weather really influences my posts. The clouds are huge, there is no sun, it’s cold and rainy and windy… Everything seems grey. So today’s set of photos will be about grey outfits. Mostly they are including sweaters and coats, so sorry, my summer mood is gone temporally. But still these looks are gorgeous!

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Put a bird on it!

Today will be a super random post!
I am watching Portlandia now – for those who do not know, it’s an amazing show, with awkward but cute humor.

So they had a sketch about guys, who put birds on things, i mean really, they placed images of birds on everything around them, and it was kind of their motto – PUT A BIRD ON IT!

Here’s that sketch, in case you’d want to watch it)

And here are some clothes with birds on them!

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Long shirts rule!

Okay, here i am getting irrational, cause in my previous post i told you that it’s time to get rid of clothes and wear the bare minimum. But it’s cold here now, so my post about long shirts is somehow justified)
They are just amazing, when you wear them half undone with pants or jeans the fabric streams round your legs, making you look lighter.

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22 outfits with bra-top!

Hello honeys!
The weather is getting nicer and nicer and i already want to peel off layers of clothing. The sun shines bright so it’s time for us to choose lighter outfits and finaly show some skin!
So, this summer trend is bra-top. They are stylish, they can by sexy or not but they let our skin breath and i think this is essential for hot days.

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Linen cloth

Hi darlings! Sorry i didn’t post much lately, so now i will catch up. Today’s theme will be linnen. I really like this fabric, dresses made of linen look moderate, but beautiful and original. The simplicity is the key.

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