The story behind: polka dot

Hello world!
Today i will continue the seies of posts about histores of different things in fashion. As the next theme i chose polka dot. In my country there is no such therm, but in wide number of countries were people’s native language is english this words are commonly used. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “polka dot” as “Any of a number of round dots of uniform size repeated so as to form a regular pattern, usually on fabric”.

So why polka? This word actually means a woman from Poland. An also a dance! Really, according to the info i found the term polka dot appeared after the massive popularity of this dance. Somewhere at 1830th polka became so popular that the manufacturers began to append “polka” to lots of different and totally unrelated things in attempt to capitalize this “polka-mania”. Those things disappeared but the spotty pattern remained.

And then polka dot continued it’s walk of fame through the fashion history. Firstly the Miss America was photographed in a polka dot swimsuit in 1926, then Disney created Minny Mouse, that was wearing a polka dot dress, and finally after wartime Dior released a collection of polka dot dresses. And so on and on and on.
So hope that was interesting for you pals, and here, as always, i gathered a set of looks for you:

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