The story behind: bomber

Okay, i desided to begin one more periodic kind of posts, that will be about the history of clothing. And i will begin with the bomber.
The bomber has a longstanding history that stretches from the middle of the 20th Century into today.
jkjpv0hps3id7fua7yftIt appeared due to the World War II, when pilots needed some outwear that had to be functional and comfortable. At first they made the A-2 jacket, that was made of leather, with a neck flap and pockets on the front.

The further the technologies went, the higher the planes could fly. The A-2 jacket already couldn’t defeat the low temperatures outside the plane and wasn’t comfortable enough, dues to the increasing number of devices inside the pilot’s cabin – it was way too big.



So the next generation of bombers was made – the B-15 ones. They are made from nylon and cotton, and have a zip pocket on the sleeve and a fur collar.




And finally, in the 1949 comes the model that is probably the closest one to the bombers we know and love – the MA-1 . The fur collar was replaced by the knit one, cause it wasn’t working good with parachute shrouds. The jacket became much more light and comfortable than it’s previous versions. Somewhere aroud sixties it got one intresting update – the manufacturers added an orange liner. This way the jacket became reversible and in case of a plane crash the bright orage color could help the rescue air forces find the pilot.

During the post war period the bomber was used in many different ways, if you are interested here’s the site i took the pictures and basic info from.

And as a little “Thank you!” to those who read this till the very end here is a set of looks with bombers))
Hope you enjoyed!

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