Jumpsuits & rompers – ultimate guide.

Hello everybody!
Sorry for no posts lately – i’ve been on a vacation! So much to see, so much to do, but now i am back and i am ready to rock the blog!
Today’s theme will be rompers and jumpsuits. I actually didn’t know the difference between the two words, untill i googled it today.

The most significant difference between jumpsuits and rompers is the length of pants that are attached. Both are usually made up of a connected top and bottom, but jumpsuits almost always have long pants and sometimes also full sleeves. Rompers, on the other hand, are commonly shorts or even skirts on the bottom, and may be more like t-shirts up on top.

So now we know which is which.
What to wear them with? Well i believe that the beauty of this outfit is that you DO NOT need to think about extras for rompers or jumpsuits, cause they practically ARE the outfit.
But of course you can add accessorizes or practically anything you like to complete your look. Below you will find some variants of how to style your jumpsuits and rompers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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