Don’t rain on my parade!

Today the weather sucks (at least at the place where i live), so i draped myself with a huge scarf, put on a huge jacket and still didn’t feel like stepping out. I always had a problem with a look that will be apropriate in a rainy/cold/wind (choose one that is most like the weather in your country) weather.
So below i present you a collection of looks for shitty rainy weather, so you cold stroll through the streets, all that pretty and beautifull, and don’t get a flue later!


And here is a bonus from me, a set of boots, good for such a weather, that cost less than 100 $!
Vince Camuto Hinch Rain Boot • Vince Camuto • $49.97

Women’s Dav Weatherproof Rain Boot • dav • $59.90
Joules Rockingham Printed Chelsea Rain Boots • Joules • $68
Women’s Joules ‘Welly’ Print Rain Boot • Joules • $74.95–79.95
Sperry Walker Chelsea Booties • Sperry • $67.50
West Blvd Shoes Mid Calf Rain Boot • $29.97
Sam Edelman Tinsley Chelsea Rain Boot, Black • Sam Edelman • $55
Women’s Jeffrey Campbell ‘Stormy’ Rain Boot • Jeffrey Campbell • $54.95

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