Cardigan lover <3

I truly believe that cardigans are one of the most comforting part of my wardrobe. Really, they are so soft and warm and… you know!) But here is one small challenge – what to wear them with and look not like your grandma? I always had problems with that part, so i found a couple of looks that helped me figure everything out. Here we go:

fc88f3997fbd2ec0136f26a4601d80f8f73c5f497c55ca221a1094d694a8c9dfedfe93138b36f8baa9c08621a05ff6e5d8b3956a3cf143638e913fc9317f399dcf3489bfdb98d65c1a5e586e10ea3b02b32dbd18c32610a2ba82d2f361df362da286f04d968e3b98bc8d36bf5156cee06040d42c15665bb485ef9acf489ba4ec547e1ef5c84afd33613a6fe868904283209f98bb34817658759de6c9eda34e83146c72c42325038e2af4e88e78342df0Processed with VSCO with c3 preset64dbb438dbd791e0c09f3fe51515283a31b4c858eb6c822e7592ea910b07926118c69f6015f38fc0f5b6b884eabc52e012a28020e192aebe1a0ec9dd6496a4399e1a4f4b8b43a10f2eb6a0ba71d3634b5f42cec66412d6b3f8093ec8ed327c57

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