How to wear a sweater dress – 10 great spring outfits.

We all like sweater weather and no suprise that knitted dresses are like champions in our wardrobe.
But when it comes to wearing them out and about, it seems like we all often rely on the same old look — maybe a belt, or immediately throwing on a pair of tights. The sweater dress is so much more versatile and can be styled in so many different ways, whether you add layers, statement jewelry or edgy boots. Check out some inspirational looks below that are bound to get you wearing your dress over and over again.


And below i found for you some sweater dresses for less then 100$! Hope you’ll like them)

Black Turtle Neck Mini Sweater Dress • Missguided • $20

Grey Choker Neck Lace Up Midi Sweater Dress • Missguided • $22

Nude Oversized Long Sleeve Sweater Dress • Missguided • $27

Pink V Back Knit Mini Sweater Dress • Missguided • $22

Express ribbed v-neck blouson sweater dress • Express • $41.94

Women’s Treasure&bond Turtleneck Sweater Dress • $89

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