Turtle neck trend

Hello everybody!
Today i will talk about turtleneck clothes. There are a lot of options actually, so i won’t be specific – turtleneck sweters, turtleneck dresses, everything that has that original type of neck will be included.  Here’s my small set of photos telling how to style this kind of wear. Enjoy!

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V is for Vendetta

Due to vertical impression given to the the outfit, this type of neckline can create a leaner, longer, and taller silhouette. It’s universally flattering and popular for all figures, as it can create a balanced look, not only draws the eye upward to the face but also enhance the neck and elongate the body.

Especially for those who have broad shoulders, thick torsos, or short necks, this neckline is well suggested. But overall, depending on cut of the neckline, whether you are petite, skinny, or plus size, the V-neck flatters almost every body shapes.

So here we go – some ways of wearing a v-neck clothes!

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Say yes to kimono!

Maybe that’s the trend of the previous year, but i still love it. Kimonos. They give a touch of delicacy to your look, make you look light as if you are a fairy. Also they are pretty simple to do – if you google diy kimono you will be overwhelmed with information.
So, with no more words, i present you a bunch of beautiful kimonos!

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Business casual for dummies =)

Ever since i got my first job my dream was to look like a business lady, you know – a dominatrix style, including heels, trenches, black skinny pants, ets. Unfortunatelly i still can’t achieve this look (mostly because i am always late so i don’t have enough time to do my make up, or to choose right outfit and just grab jeans and t-shirt) , and most of the time i am more like a “girl next door”, than a dominatrix 😦
But still, i work on it, and whant to help those of you who have the same problems: here i gathered some looks, that will help you look really amazing wearing business casual.

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Don’t rain on my parade!

Today the weather sucks (at least at the place where i live), so i draped myself with a huge scarf, put on a huge jacket and still didn’t feel like stepping out. I always had a problem with a look that will be apropriate in a rainy/cold/wind (choose one that is most like the weather in your country) weather.
So below i present you a collection of looks for shitty rainy weather, so you cold stroll through the streets, all that pretty and beautifull, and don’t get a flue later!


And here is a bonus from me, a set of boots, good for such a weather, that cost less than 100 $!
Vince Camuto Hinch Rain Boot • Vince Camuto • $49.97

Women’s Dav Weatherproof Rain Boot • dav • $59.90
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Women’s Jeffrey Campbell ‘Stormy’ Rain Boot • Jeffrey Campbell • $54.95

A silver lining…

Do you like silver! Oh, silver is a whole new story, cold, full of dignity, beautifull color. But the problem with it that many people think it’s too bright, too vivid for everyday life, so they keep it in their wardrobes for some really special occasion. But i don’t agree, silver, being combined with couple of right clothes can be a very casual outfit option.
So here i gathered a couple of great combinations with a touch of silver for everyday life.


How to manage an off-the-shoulder outfit?

If you pride yourself on following the latest trends in fashion, then you might already know that one really big one is the off the shoulder cut on tops, dresses and sweaters. But if you’re wondering how many ways that you can wear that particular style, boy are you in luck. No matter what is already hanging in your closet, we’re pretty sure that you already own at least 2-3 things that can help you to pull of some of the following looks.