Serious post.


Hi, darlings. It’s been a while since i last made a post. I apologise for that, but now my work is driving me crazy and i literally had no free time. But now i have a spare moment, so i desided to use it for writing this.

The thing is that i have been working since the 2nd grade of my university programm. And i am pretty good at my job, i know how to do it and i try my best to do it good. But i do not like it. I tried couple of  different jobs in this sphere, but still i could’t feel passionate for what i was and still am doing. I kind of can’t figure out – is it just me being a dreamer, of is there still is some hope for me to find something i would really love doing? Cause as far as i see – the first option is the realistic one.

I can’t really explain it – i do not do some hard working, i have an office job, well an intence one, but still. And sometimes i feel like i am trapped, i feel so much hatred about what i am doing on daily basis, when i come out of the office i just want not to think at all about it, when i have to get up in the morning and go to work i feel so scared about the new day and what it brings, new problems to solve, new responsibilities to take. Really, the rare evenings and weekends with my partner is everything that keeps me going. It’s unhealthy, cause sometimes i just want to burst into tears, when i have to leave for work.

I talked about it with my parents, and what they say is even more terrifying – “Well, darling, i don’t know almost anyone who enjoys his\her job. It’s life, you have to work, so you can have money, so you can sometimes do what you want to do. You bear the work and as a reward you will have money to go to some courses of art, or have a holliday at the sea or something.” And you know, this really sounds like “Just accept it, you will have to suffer all you life, this is how it is in real life”. And this kind of thought leads me to something like “Why do we live at all? Thi life is suffering, so why do we need to keep going, if you already know that you will spend 70% of your lifetime doing what you don’t feel passionate about or even just like?”.

And the problem is – i don’t know what i want to do for living. I just still can’t figure it out. And that scares me, cause what if i am just lazy? What if it’s not my job, it’s me who makes this situation terrible?

So here it is, all my curent thought and fears. Sorry, if this post was boring, i just needed to sort all my thoughts out, and writing helps a lot. I hope all of you are already doing, what you like or are going to do it in the future. Thank you for reading it.

Suit with a capital S

Hi darlings!
Here i am, bringing to you a fresh spotted trend of the world of fashion.
I watched the photos of the last NY fashion week and there where lot’s of looks based on suits. Whide shouders and pants, some pattern – and here we go. I tried to assemble the pictures with some good examples, that would a) wearable on a daily basis, b) won’t be some “female super tight suit that underlines all you curves. I don’t say that these suits that i describe are bad, i just want to emphasise that they are not exactly the type i am talking about.
Okay, in there pictures below there is one suit that doesn’t fit this theme at all, and you will easily spot it) I just liked it so much i couldn’t not include it in this set.

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Fall oufits that are anything but boring

So i do no know how was it at your countries, but in my place the summer was pretty short. Now it’s raining again, and i begin feeling that the fall is getting closer and closer. So i began reviewing my autumn wardrobe and i understood that i really need some inspiration, cause i have lots of stuff in the depth of my closet, but how to combine it in a new, fresh way?
So i hope this set of outfits i found on the web will help you too!

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Plead for plaid

Hi everybody!

I have to confess i really have abandoned you lately. So many things to do, so little time.
In this post i would like to share one of the hottest trends of upcoming autumn, that is the plaid. Checks, plaids, and even ginghams made an appearance on New York fashion week runaways. When you hear plaid you probably think of 90’s grunge. But this fall it’s all about the bright plaid from 70’s. Suits, skirts and coats, mostly coats!

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Slip dress

Hi everybody!
This summer i spotted one more trend and it’s slip dresses. I pretty much like them, if worn on naked skin, but i really notice girls wering it on some t-shirt or on turtleneck. But this last option is clearly not one of my favourits. The most common ones i saw were the ones from silk and velvet.
So here’s some looks that include slip dress, please have a look and enjoy.

P.S.: Sorry this post is so short:3

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Color sessions: pastels!

Hi darlings!
Due to work i am in Croatia now. Sorry for being quiet for so long, i had lot’s of things to prepare for that trip, but now i am here and i have some spare time to post something nice. Croatia is really sunny and hot, i arrived here in black jeans and dark t-shirt and it was like hell in direct sun. And don’t ask how but i thought about pastel colored outfits, and how light they are and everything. So here’s my little gathering of pictures with sweet pastel outfits.

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Gypsy style

Today’s post is quite random. I just keep thinking about how the festival in Estonia gone wrong, and remember the other eventslike this that i visited. And when the weather allows it – people make sooo impressive costumes and outfits!
The style i love the most (except for dark minimalistic ninja with acute angles in outfit haha) is the gypsy style. That includes lots of accesories, maxi dresses, or just roomy clothes, sometimes lace, hats, rings, necklaces etc. etc.
It doesn’t really has to do with real gypsy, it’s more Boho, but i associate it with gypsy style)
So here i gathered some of the outfits that i think match this style.

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Need to feel cozy

Hello darlings!
Today i am working from home, cuse after that festival i told you about i have a terrible flu. So now i feel pretty sad and alone, i do not really like working from home, somehow i feel trapped. The sky is cloudy and this makes everything even worse. So This post is not really about fashion and style – it’s more about the mood, i just want to feel as cozy as the girls on these photos. But of course i will be happy if this post will help you find some nice and warm home wear!

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Raincoats for any occasion

Hello everybody!
I came back from the festival Into the valley. What can i say – i didn’t relly like it 😦 The artists were cool, but the weather, the organization and lot’s of other things were not good. Actually the weather was terrible. It was raining almost all the time we were there. So this post is about clothing for rain, and more precisely – raincoats. I was wearing one, a very pink one) So here are some more. Enjoy!

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Pajamas for everyday!

Hello darlings!
Sorry for posting nothing this week, i just was at a business travel and had no time for that. Now i am shortly back, but the next 5-6 days i will be abcent once more, for the music festival Into the Valley 🙂
So the previous week i was in Cannes! Just imagine that. There is an advertising festival Cannes Lions, so me and my colleagues went there. It was very busy trip but wery nice still – we met lot’s of interesting people.
And there i saw a very interesting kind of outfit. It looks completely like a pajama, but is worn with pumps or sandals. I liked the idea, cause it looks both cute and stylish. I saw the one with shorts, and belive me that was cool!

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